Just wanted to let everyone know that we’re still here though the likelihood of this Tumblog seeing any significant action is rather small.

Still it’s here and serves as something to see when people visit Fluffles.

Okay so this is somewhat late (exactly 4 months late pretty much) but we’re in Australia; slowly settling in to life here. We’ve both got jobs, both meeting new people and making new friends as well as coping with the ups and downs that have occurred during that time.

Overall though we’re getting there and slowly but surely Canberra is becoming home.

It’s just over two weeks before we move from the UK to Australia. It’s quite a thing to get one’s head around. Thing is I catch myself occasionally thinking about it and say to myself ‘are we actually about to do this?!’

Here We Go Again

You never guess what I did today, yup I broke the site! I doubt very much if anyone noticed but I thought I’d be honest and ‘fess up. I was trying to be clever and change a few default settings to make the site a wee bit more secure and in the process managed to remove the ability to make posts. The site still worked but it would’ve had those same three posts forever which isn’t really a good thing. So I removed everything and started with a nice, clean, fresh install of WordPress which I guess isn’t a bad thing as it remove all the historical crap hanging around from when this site first went WordPress.

So welcome again to the re-launched Fluffles website where hopefully Cati and I will occasionally post something :)